Scott Hanna

Senior Associate

Scott is a seasoned independent Senior Environmental Specialist with more than 40 years experience in environmental and socioeconomic due diligence assessment, environmental and social impact assessment, sustainability assessment, natural resource and environmental management, regulatory management, strategic planning, and environmental auditing. He has provided senior level environmental advisory services to various levels of government, as well as to the World Bank, and provided environmental and regulatory management advice to private sector developers.

Scott has an undergraduate degree in biology (aquatic ecology / zoology) and a masters degree in natural resources and environmental management. He is a Registered Professional Biologist (BC), Professional Biologist (AB), certified Environmental Professional (Canada), Member of the Environment Institute of Australia and New Zealand, and a Certified Environmental Practitioner – Impact Assessment Specialist (AUS / NZ).

He has completed environmental assignments around the world and is also an Adjunct Professor in joint collaboration with the University of Queensland’s Schools of Business, and Earth and Environmental Sciences.

Scott has demonstrated his considerable environmental and social expertise on large transportation infrastructure and energy projects. He has been the Senior Environmental Specialist on rapid transit, airport, marine terminal, highway and bridge projects in the transportation sector, and hydropower, solar and thermal power, pipeline and transmission line projects in the energy sector.