Success through strategy

Kirk Environmental provides effective strategic advice for projects to navigate increasingly complex and rigorous regulatory environments.

Who we are

Founded in 2018, Kirk Environmental is a subsidiary of Kirk & Co., Canada’s leading communications firm specializing in strategic communications, consultation and engagement. Our clients include companies in the mining, energy, and transportation sectors, as well as governments, First Nations, communities and non-government organizations.

Our team of industry leaders brings together decades of experience and knowledge in permitting, environmental assessment, Indigenous and stakeholder engagement and government relations. Our experienced specialists deliver insights into the government decision making process, empowering our clients to solve problems early by providing upfront strategy vital to project certification.

What we do

Kirk Environmental supports public and private sector projects with comprehensive strategic advice and environmental services to secure project approval from provincial, federal and other agencies.

Working with project leadership teams, we bring decades of expertise in environmental strategy, Indigenous consultation, project management and environmental assessment as well as a deep understanding of health, social and economic impacts. We support proponents and their technical teams in the development of comprehensive and enhanced regulatory submissions. In doing so, we bring a unique lens based on extensive involvement in regulatory processes in BC and Canada. Kirk Environmental is well versed in the preparation and facilitation of engagement initiatives to ensure the successful and substantive participation of Indigenous groups and key stakeholders, a critical component of an effective regulatory process. We understand how to generate meaningful discussions on challenging issues and excel at integrating with project leadership teams to deliver high-level results.

Canada’s environmental process has undergone a fundamental revision which requires that project proponents satisfy a deeper level of Indigenous and community participation with an increased focus on early engagement and project cumulative effects, as well as ongoing monitoring during construction and operation. By combining superior strategy with the ability to build a custom team of environmental specialists to suit each project’s needs, Kirk Environmental delivers strategic advice and environmental services to avoid delays and achieve environmental certification in a timely and cost-effective way.

Strategic Regulatory Advice

Integrated approach to permitting, environmental, consultative and regulatory issues. Strategic advice to support activities in regulatory reviews including providing technical analysis, drafting and reviewing documents, providing specified recommendations and relevant observations.

Integrated Advice and Risk Mitigation

Prioritization of key issues and development of innovative solutions and recommendations. Upfront strategic planning and advice. Comprehensive support through federal, provincial and Indigenous processes.

Environmental Assessment, Permitting and Compliance

Management of environmental and social impact assessments from project conception through construction and operation, to decommissioning. Facilitation and coordination across technical discipline areas. Review panel strategy and preparation with senior experts. Environmental compliance and monitoring for projects following environmental approval and certification.

Project Governance and Planning

Strategic project governance and advice. Planning services, government and regulatory relations and community consultations.

Leading Environmental Science

Customized teams with leading environmental specialists to support each project. Clear and succinct third-party review of technical information. Data gap analysis, review and recommendations.

Indigenous Engagement Services

Development of long-term engagement frameworks with Indigenous communities. Consultation and engagement programs that provide meaningful input and participation, including Indigenous engagement plans required for project approval and detailed records management.